4 Applications for Animated GIFs

Internet memes and banner ads dominate the world of animated GIFs. Let’s face it most of us think of them as noise, only to be tuned out and ignored while looking for the content we want. Don’t let that discourage you from attempting to use them for commercial and professional use. Being creative, but tactful goes a long way to capturing short attention spans. Social Networks Social n
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How to Download Video files from Dropbox & Google Drive

I often share files with my clients with Dropbox and Google Drive. It’s fast, easy, and private. A basic Dropbox account offers 2GB of free space with the ability to earn up to 16GB (18GB total) with their referral program. Google offers 15GB of free space across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. If you have not used either service, here’s are a couple of video tuto
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NYCEAC releases a video series on Elder Abuse

I am pleased to announce the New York City Elder Abuse Center (NYCEAC) has released a video series on the subject. This project has taken a year to come to fruition. At the time of this writing, the overall project is almost complete, and I am working on creating DVDs for the series. Throughout the spring and summer of 2014, I worked with the center’s professionals to produce the seri
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