YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Introduces a New Online Course

I am proud to announce I’ve completed an online course project for YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Discovering Ashkenaz: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe taught by Professor Sam Kassow (Trinity College) contain six lectures with over eight hours of course content. It is designed to be intensive introduction to modern Jewish history in eastern Europe.

The video production took place over two days in late August 2015. The post-production took four months to complete. All of the lectures had to be transcribed and edited. Then the lessons were edited with reference graphics/photos. After the drafts had been approved, caption files were made.

This was a large project. Fortunately, I was able to simplify the process and get a quick turnaround and great results.
To date, YIVO has informed me over 2,000 people from around the world is taking this class. I am pleased to be able to help preserve culture and history.



Jim Chan is a video professional since 2007. He operates Dreambox Productions, a video production company in New York City.

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